Update checks are performed with a specific XML file, which is called appcast (we guess you should know it, but anyway). When you migrate your software to DevMate, you need to setup a redirect from your old appcast URL to the DevMate’s one.

The recommended solution is to continue using your old XML file URL and set up an HTTP 301 redirection to the DevMate XML link which looks as follows:


As you could understand, com.company.product is the bundle ID of your application, so you should enter it exactly as it is in your application (case sensitive!).
Here are the instructions on how to set up the 301 redirection for the most popular web servers:

If you are using any other web server please refer to its documentation.

The other way is just to change the URL of update feed to the DevMate’s one. Currently, we do not recommend this way because some of your customers will not be able to update older versions of your app. We are planning to implement DNS redirection through CNAME parameter of your domain, but this option is not available to the moment.