Before you start selling your app, you need to set conditions of its usage: duration, a number of computers where the app can be used, bundling options etc. License types are the templates for such rules.

By default you have two license types, lifetime and family pack, so you are ready to sell the app. If that’s not enough, you are welcome to create more, just press New License Type and enter the following info:

  • License type name–this is a display name, so word it as clear as possible keeping it short

  • Description–an extended description of license type

  • License duration:

    • lifetime
    • limited by duration or date.

You can use both limitations, in this case, the license will expire on an earlier event: either specified date will come or time limit will pass. For example, you may set up a license type, that will be valid for 6 months, but no longer than till Jan 1, 2016. Be careful combining these limitation methods!

  • Activation limit–in other words, number of computers on which your customers can activate the app
  • Multi-product license type–users will be able to use one activation number for two or more apps
  • Custom tag–the additional parameter that will be sent with the license. This parameter can be used as a trigger in the app's code to unlock some functionality.
  • Beta versions only–license will be valid for beta versions only.

After you click on Create license type it will be listed on the page.

To view license type details just click on its name in the list.

You can disable the license type–in this case issuing of activation numbers for it will be stopped. Software that was already activated, and activation numbers issued before the license was disabled will not be affected.


We strongly recommend you to remove the corresponding products from your web store before you disable license type, because if customers will try to purchase it, they will not receive an activation number.

To test license type click on Generate Test Key and you will get the activation number. If you check Request customer data, an activation number you get will be generated in the way to ask customer's name and email address. This option is recommended when you generate a bulk of activation numbers or generation link for partners (you can learn more here).