If you want to sell functionality of your application partially (like Mac App Store In-App Purchase), we can suggest you the following workaround.

  1. Add and configure your main application in DevMate as usual.
  2. Inside your application create as many sub-applications as you want functionality parts to be sold separately.
  3. Create the Applications in DevMate with the same bundle IDs as the newly created sub-applications.
  4. Integrate DevMateKit and Kevlar to those applications (no need to copy DevMateKit to sub-applications bundle, just modify ‘Runpath Search Paths’ (LD_RUNPATH_SEARCH_PATHS) build setting for them to look for DevMateKit framework in parent bundle);
  5. In the main app implement the following behavior:
  •     when the paid functionality is requested the corresponding sub-application should be asked if it is activated;
  •     if requested functionality is not activated, then initiate the purchase (either via in-app store or through the web-interface);
  •     after the purchase will be done, the functionality will be unlocked.