Sometimes it appears that you need many activation numbers. Such cases may be, for example, if you have an enterprise partner who needs your software to be installed on numerous workstations; you'd like to distribute hard copies (on USB-sticks or CDs) on some expo or you have some affiliate program.

DevMate provides you the following options under the Company > Partners Licensing section:

  • Bulk–you can generate a finite list of activation numbers to use it anyhow you want (e.g., provide to a hard copies manufacturer; give to an enterprise customer or to reviewers)
  • Link–you can create a link where your partner will send requests to obtain activation numbers.


You can create a bulk of activation numbers with the following parameters:

  • Bulk name and description
  • Product
  • License Type
  • Quantity of activation numbers
  • Request customer data on activation–in this case, activation numbers will be generated in the way to ask for customers' names and emails.

After you click on Create new bulk, the requested number of activation numbers will be generated and you will be able to download them. If the number is too big, you can check Email me when ready and continue working–DevMate will notify you as activation numbers arrive.


This option generates a static link for the generation of activation numbers. Your partner can set redirection to this link to obtain activation numbers. For example, you have a partnership with that is using its own billing system. After visitor buys your application on that website, it sends a request to DevMate by the link generated here and receives an activation number as a response.

You need to set the following parameters for the link:

  • Bulk name and description

  • Product

  • License Type

  • Quantity of activation numbers–you can set unlimited number of activation numbers

  • Request customer data on activation

  • Authentication Type

    • by IP-address–the link will be accessible only from this address
    • by password–a password will be added as a parameter to the link.

In addition, you can disable the link so your partner will not be able to receive activation numbers anymore.