Match Paddle Products

In order to start syncing data between DevMate and Paddle you need to connect your Paddle & DevMate account. This is explained in taking payments.

The process for mapping products between Paddle & DevMate differs for existing products in Paddle, or if setting up products for the first time.

Existing Products

You can sync the sale & refund data of any existing Paddle product with DevMate. Do this following the steps below.

  1. Login to your Paddle dashboard, and ensure your DevMate account is connected (as above).
  2. Next to each product on your Products will be a DevMate button.
  3. For any products not yet connected to a DevMate product, the indicator on the DevMate button will be greyed out. For any products already connected to DevMate, this indicator will be green in colour.
  4. After clicking the DevMate button on a product not yet connected, a pop-up will appear asking you to match your Paddle product to the same product in DevMate. Simply, select the corresponding products from the drop-down list.
  5. Click, Save Connection.

Thereafter Paddle & DevMate will begin syncing future sale and refund data between the two platforms.

New Products

As well a syncing sale & refund data between Paddle & DevMate, following the steps below you can create a product in Paddle which upon purchase, delivers a DevMate compatible license (used to activate a trial served by DevMateKit).

  1. Login to your Paddle dashboard, and ensure your DevMate account is connected (as above)
  2. Browse to Checkout > Products in your dashboard and select, Add Product.
  3. Select, Software/App as your product type, and enter the name of your application.
  4. Select, No when prompted if you use the Paddle SDK.
  5. Select, Yes when prompted if your product uses DevMate.
  6. Next, choose the corresponding product in DevMate you're setting up in Paddle.
  7. Choose Create a DevMate License Code as your fulfilment type.
  8. Edit your product icon, category, platform as necessary. These can be edited at any time.
  9. On the Release Checklist, choose the license type you'd like to deliver upon the product being purchased, and all other relevant steps in the release checklist. Once complete, hit Release.
  10. Upon releasing your product it will appear under the Products page, with a green DevMate indicator to convey a successfully connected DevMate & Paddle product.
  11. You can use the Checkout Link available on the Products page to implement a checkout on your site, which delivers DevMateKit compatible licenses.

As well as receiving a web checkout which delivers DevMate compatible licenses, any sales of this product via Paddle will automatically sync with your DevMate account.

Match FastSpring Products

You need to connect your DevMate and FastSpring accounts to start selling an application. As you are done with that, do the following.

  1. Log in to your Springboard
  2. Click on Products and Pages
  3. Select a product you'd like to connect to a DevMate one or create a new one by clicking on Create Product (in this case step 4 will be skipped)
  4. In General section click on Edit
  5. Select the DevMate product you'd like to match with under DevMate Product Match drop down and press Save (on the right)
  6. Now press Add on Fulfillment Actions
  7. Click on Generate a License and select DevMate in drop down list appeared and click Next
  8. Select License Option (that corresponds to the License Types in DevMate) and click Create.

You are ready to go, now you can generate a test license by clicking on Run Test.

You need to repeat the steps 6-8 for all license types you'd like to use.