This method is used to get information about customer or get the customers list with the possibility of filtration.

Response Codes

200All operations were completed. Response returned in JSON format
400Request parameter is absent or incorrect. For example, wrong email address
404Customer with specified ID was not found
500Server error

Single Customer Info

If you want to get the info about specific customer, specify the customer ID in the URL like this (don't forget about your token!):<customer_id>

Get Customers List

To get the complete list of customers, send a GET request:


You can get the filtered list of customers.[filter1]=value1&filter[filter2]=value2...

The following types of filtration are implemented:

  • Exact: only exact matches will be selected. For example, if order_id=123 was requested, the response will contain the record for customers with order number 123 only, but not 1234 or others.
  • Extended: selects both the exact match and the entries, that contain specified string. For example, if was requested, the response will contain entries with the following emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
FilterDescriptionFiltration TypeExample
emailCustomer's emailExtended[email protected]
first_nameCustomer's first nameExtendedJohn
last_nameCustomer's last nameExtendedDoe
companyCustomer's company nameExtendedMacPaw
phoneCustomer's phone numberExtended5554133113
addressCustomer's addressExtendedMadison Ave. 11
keyActivation numberExactid1234567890123odr
identifierIdentifier of computer, which is connected to the keyExtendedff:ff:ff:aa:aa:aa
order_idDevMate order IDExact123456
activation_idActivation ID (available to customer in application)Exact1509013782987
invoiceBilling order IDExtendedCORP150902-0339-893098

The example above shows the selection of customers by email and last name with the limit of 10 entries.

Response Parameters

KeyValue TypeDescription
idIntegerCustomer's ID
emailStringCustomer's email
first_nameStringCustomer's first name
last_nameStringCustomer's last name
companyStringCustomer's company name
phoneStringCustomer's phone number
addressStringCustomer's address
noteStringNotes about customer (can be added in DevMate Dashboard or with API request)
date_addedIntegerDate of adding customer
licensesArray of objectsInfo about licenses. Returned only if info about one customer requested (see description below).


KeyValue TypeDescription
license_type_nameStringLicense type name
license_type_idIntegerLicense type ID in DevMate
invoiceStringOrder ID sent by billing system
campaignStringCampaign for which the license was issued
date_createdIntegerUTC timestamp of license issued
activations_usedIntegerThe number of activations used
idIntegerThe ID of the key in DevMate
expiration_dateIntegerUTC timestamp of the key validity. Applicable if the corresponding option was set in DevMate
productsArray of objectsProducts for which the license is valid (see description below)
statusIntegerActivation key status:
1: never used
2: used (application is activated)
3: activation expired
4: blocked within DevMate Dashboard
5: refunded
activations_totalIntegerThe number of activations available for customer using the key
activation_keyStringActivation key
historyArray of objectsActivation key changelog (see description below)


KeyValue TypeDescription
idIntegerProduct ID in DevMate
nameStringProduct name
bundle_idStringProduct bundle ID
use_offline_licenseBooleanDetermines whether it is possible to generate offline licenses for the product


KeyValue TypeDescription
typeIntegerType of record:
2 – time of license created
user_nameStringDevMate user name, who made an action
noteStringDescription of action or comment
timestampIntegerUNIX timestamp of time of the action
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