1. Take the steps described in Integrate DevMateKit if you haven't done it yet.
  2. You can specify additional DMFrameworkSettings properties if needed. DevMate Feedback provides the following configuration options:
IsBetaboolSpecifies whether a current version of the application is Beta.
ApplicationSettingsDictionary<string,string>Application settings that must be sent with feedback data.
AdditionalInfromationstringAdditional information that must be sent with feedback data.
ApplicationIconstringSets a “TitleBar” icon for DevMate Framework windows. Must contain at least one 16x16pt icon. Example: pack://application:,,,/TestApp;component/icon.ico.
LogFilePathstringPath to a log file (if there is a number of log files, it sends only the recently used). If a value is null or empty, or file does not exist, then the Framework tries to load a file from the Logs property.
LogsstringUsed to set up specific logs if a LogFilePath value is null or empty. If a Logs value is null or empty, an empty string is sent to the server.

For example:

DMFeedbackFrameworkSettings.ApplicationSettings.Add("Setting1", "Value1");
DMFeedbackFrameworkSettings.ApplicationSettings.Add("Language", "en");
DMFeedbackFrameworkSettings.ApplicationSettings.Add("AppRunCount", 0);
DMFeedbackFrameworkSettings.ApplicationSettings.Add("Setting2", "Value2"); 

DMFeedbackFrameworkSettings.LogFilePath = @"C:\Program Files\AppName\Logs\logfile.log"; 
DMFeedbackFrameworkSettings.AdditionalInformation = "Version with hidden feature”;

To open the Feedback window, use the following code snippet:

DMFeedbackWindowController.BigIconSource = "pack://application:,,,/Images/icon.png"; 

The ShowDialog method has the following overloads:

// Default - will run Feedback Windows with "Feedback" in ComboBox 

// Runs Feedback Windows with "Bug Report" in ComboBox 

// Runs Feedback Windows with "Support Request" in ComboBox